EMS Information


McFarland EMS was the first EMS service in the state to be licensed at the EMT-Basic IV Tech level. EMT-Basic IV Technicians, now known as Advanced EMTs, have training and skill sets in the following areas:

  • Demonstrate skills in patient extrication, packaging, and safe movement.
  • Perform CPR and airway management.
  • Understand legal liabilities and requirements of professional conduct to operate as an EMT.
  • Perform successful trauma and medical assessments and treatments.
  • Interact with patients in a compassionate and professional manner.
  • Understand and demonstrate safe practice in the administration of approved medications given via the IV (intravenous), IM (intramuscular), IN (intranasal), SQ (subcutaneous), IO (intraosseous), and inhaled routes.
  • Integrate the appropriate use of intravenous fluids, and medications in the treatment of cardiac, respiratory, diabetic, and altered level of consciousness patients.

The medical community has over the years paid great attention to improving programs that help EMS and the public respond to emergencies related to cardiac events.  Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) was the standard for many years with periodic revision, but a new program, Continuous Compression Resuscitation or CCR, has shown dramatic improvement in saving lives when responding to witnessed cardiac emergencies.  Rock and Walworth counties started CCR in Wisconsin and Dane County has recently joined in this program.
CCR focuses on administering a long series of chest compressions without interruptions.  Studies in Colorado and Arizona found that this method allows for adequate oxygenation and greatly improves the movement of blood flow throughout the body, increasing the rate of survival three times that of CPR.  Dane County implemented CCR to EMS in January 2008 by conducting a train the trainer session.  McFarland EMS trained our staff members and started the program March 1st.  Along with EMS, Fire and Law Enforcement personnel will also be trained in CCR.
In fact, CCR has already been successfully implemented by McFarland EMS, resulting in successful resuscitations. You will have the opportunity to learn more about CCR.  Watch for announcements in the McFarland Thistle, McFarland Outlook newsletter, and on the McFarland Village Website.
If you are interested in becoming CPR/CCR certified, or just want to know how to correctly do CPR/CCR, please contact Renee Brandt at renee.brandt@mcfarland.wi.us, or (608)838-3152.
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