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Village of McFarland, WI

Village of McFarland, Wisconsin - District Boundary and Project Plan Redevelopment District No. 2 (TID #4)

The Village of McFarland has been actively engaged in the process of guiding the growth of the Village in an orderly fashion for 30 years through the use of tax increment financing, comprehensive and neighborhood master plans. The Village attitude of orderly growth has allowed McFarland to provide quality residential growth, as well as capturing new businesses that provide living wages and high quality jobs. In an effort to continue the quality of development within the Village of McFarland, officials are moving forward with long-range planning for areas within the Village limits. Redevelopment District #2 encompasses properties located within TID #4. This area can best be described as encompassing the historic Downtown and properties to the west along Farwell Street. This Project Plan will provide the Village with a vehicle to enable the Community Development Authority to participate in redevelopment projects and also use Lease Revenue Bonds to finance infrastructure improvements.

5915 Milwaukee St. | P.O. Box 110 | McFarland, WI 53558-0110 | ph: 608-838-3153 | fx: 608-838-3619