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Village of McFarland, WI

Definitions of Volunteer Roles

  • Volunteer Coordinator – a volunteer who is nominated by the Volunteer Committee and approved by the Village Board. The coordinator’s role involves assessing the village’s needs through communications with village staff and community members and then meeting those needs through the recruitment, placement and retention of volunteers. The Volunteer Coordinator will manage volunteers and their relationship with those they come into contact with, including village employees and service users. He/she will manage administrative aspects of the program including record keeping, personnel files, and program budget. He/she will report to the Volunteer Committee.
  • Project Leader – an individual who participates with the Volunteer Coordinator in identifying and organizing volunteer projects. The project leader may be a village department head, village staff member or community service organizer. The project leader trains, supervises, and monitors the work of volunteers for the project.  For on-going projects, the project leader may train a volunteer leader to assist in training and leading other volunteers.
  • Volunteer Leader - A volunteer trained by a project leader to lead other volunteers.
  • Volunteer – an individual person who performs a defined scope of service who neither receives nor is implied or expressly promised financial remuneration.
  • Youth Volunteer – a volunteer who is under 18 years of age. A parent or guardian signature is required on the Volunteer Waiver of Liability and Assumption of Risk Form on behalf of the minor.

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