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Village of McFarland, WI

Use of Force Workgroup

On Friday, February 19th 2016, the Use of Force Workgroup consisting of the United Way and select leaders of the law enforcement and African American communities, publicly released the findings of its 8 month study of law enforcement practices in Dane County.

The McFarland Police Department, as a principal member of the Dane County Chiefs of Police Association, applauds the efforts and difficult work undertaken by the task force in the creation of the report.  One unfortunate deficiency in the report is the fact that at no time were Dane County law enforcement agencies asked if they were possibly practicing many of the recommendations already.

The McFarland Police Department, like several others in Dane County, integrated many if not all of the recommended practices long ago.  I point this out so that residents have an understanding that in the case of your community's police department, the findings of the report should not be viewed as a finding of deficiency, rather an affirmation of the regular operating practices of the department.  Below are links to a summation of the report with commentary that defines McFarland PD's current practices as well as a link to the report in its entirety.

Workgroup Recommendations in Contrast with McFarland PD's Practices

Full Workgroup Report

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