RSVP Ride Policy

The RSVP Driver Escort Program is a Dane County service which is coordinated by many local volunteers throughout the county. The county screens potential drivers for driver safety records and funds the mileage for those authorized to drive seniors to medical appointments. RSVP’s policy for all rides is that they are a last resort. Family, friends, and public transportation are expected to be the first means of getting a ride.

Because of a shortage of resources (a tight budget and a low number of drivers), riders are limited to a maximum average of one ride per week for their medical appointments. Although this may be a hardship for some riders, RSVP is providing a valuable service under challenging circumstances. In 2010, RSVP provided over 6,600 rides for the county, which covered 338,000 miles of driving. This cost $169,000 for mileage reimbursement. We are grateful that this program exists for seniors. For any transportation concerns, call Outreach.

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