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Village of McFarland, WI

Officer Anthony Craft, Officer Jason Onken - Exceptional Service Award

The Exceptional Service Medal is awarded to a member of the department that demonstrates actions that go above and beyond what is required of them in the course of their duties.  Example:  An officer, in the handling of an incident, demonstrates actions and care that clearly were not required of them to see the situation through to a safe and viable conclusion. 

The award is issued in the form of a medal that can be worn on the class a dress uniform, a ribbon bar that can be worn on the everyday class b patrol uniform and a letter of authenticity from the Chief of Police. 

On December 22, Officers Craft and Onken were in contact with two elderly individuals that had flagged them down looking for directions.  They noted that these individuals were lost, and appeared to be confused and disoriented.   After speaking with them for a time, the officers escorted the elderly couple to a hotel in Madison.  They then assisted in getting them checked into a room, carried their luggage to the room for them,  obtained bottles of water for them and offered to get them food.

The officers then made contact with a family member and made arrangements for that individual to drive to Madison and assist the couple the following morning.

These actions exemplify the very spirit and mission of Law Enforcement and the McFarland Police Department.

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