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Village of McFarland, WI

Sergeant Jacobsen, K9 Officer Job, Officer Schrek - Life Saving Award

Each year, the Life Saving Medal is awarded to any member of the department directly responsible for saving or significantly prolonging a human life.  The award is issued in the form of a medal that can be worn on class a dress uniform, a ribbon bar that can be worn on the everyday class b patrol uniform and a letter of authenticity from the Chief of Police. 

This year we are issuing three such awards:


 Sgt. Jacobsen and K9 Officer Job

On Monday, May 30th 2016 at 8:44pm, Officer Job and Sergeant Jacobsen responded to a report of a person not breathing.  Upon arrival they assessed the patient, deployed the AED and delivered a shock to the patient.  They then resumed CCR until relieved by McFarland EMS personnel.


Officer Schroekenthaler

On January 25th at 12:40 am, Officer Schroekenthaler and his partner responded to a report of a male subject not breathing.  Upon arrival, the patient had no pulse.  He then applied an AED, which advised shock,  and a shock was delivered.  CCR was continued until relieved by EMS personnel.  

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