Comprehensive Plan

In August 2017, the Village adopted a full update to its Comprehensive Plan. The Comprehensive Plan is a guide for the development, revitalization, and preservation of the McFarland area over the next 10 to 20 years.  It covers a variety of topics, including land use, transportation, natural resources, housing, and economic development.  The updated Plan is in two volumes: Volume 1—Conditions and Issues, and Volume 2—Vision and Directions. 

Keep scrolling down for detailed information on the updated Comprehensive Plan.  The Village also has other plans for smaller geographic and topical areas (e.g., downtown, parks).  These can be found here.  If you have questions or comments on the Village’s plans, or would like higher-resolution versions of any of these materials, please contact the Community Development Clerk at or (608)838-3154.


Comprehensive Plan Summary Materials

The Comprehensive Plan can be difficult to get your arms around.  The following documents are summaries.

Presentation of Comprehensive Plan

Summary of Volume 2—Vision and Directions

Future Land Use Map


Full Comprehensive Plan Volumes

Volume 1—Conditions and Issues includes background information, trends, and projections for the Village—but no policies or future directions.  Volume 2—Vision and Directions focuses on future policies and initiatives, and is generally the more informative of the two volumes.

Comprehensive Plan Volume 1: Conditions and Issues

Comprehensive Plan Volume 2: Vision and Directions


Other Documentation

The Comprehensive Plan was completed following a 1½ year process.  The process included a community survey and several stakeholder meetings in 2016, nine working meetings of the Plan Commission, and an open house and a public hearing in summer 2017.  Documentation of this process and the results are provided below.

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