Tender 7







  • Purpose of Apparatus
    • Tender 7 is used to supply water to incidents when there is no water source readily available, such as a fire hydrant.  These incidents include structure fires, brush/grass fires, vehicle fires and others normally in rural areas.
    • Tender 7 can also be used as a fill site for brush trucks for firefighter's Indian packs.
    • Tender 7 is also used to protect the scene during traffic accidents by blocking off the road.  Firefighters, EMS, and police safety is of main importance during these incidents.
    • All in all, Tender 7 is more versatile than just carrying water
  • Features of Apparatus
    • 2250 gallons of portable water
    • 3 optional dump sites - Driver's side, rear, and passenger's side
    • Portable tank to dump water in for engines to draft from
    • 9000 lb. winch that can be used in front or rear of apparatus
    • Small pump


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