When are permits needed

Building Permits are required for:

  • Constructing any new residential or commercial building.
  • An addition or change to the exterior of your building. Examples include:

Replacing windows
Installing a fence
Installing or altering a driveway
Installing a swimming pool, whirlpool or hot tub
Building any accessory structure (garage, shed or chicken coop)
Any type of electrical, heating or plumbing work
Adding a screened porch or deck

  • An addition or change to the interior of your building. Examples include:

Hot tub or whirlpool installation
Finishing an unfinished basement
Bathroom or kitchen remodeling and/or alterations
Installation of wood stoves and fireplaces
Replacement of a furnace or central air conditioner
Replacement of water heaters and water softeners
Any type of electrical, heating or plumbing work

Building Permits are not required for:

  • Installing storm windows and screens
  • Making minor repairs
  • Changing flooring, carpet, inlaid tile or wood
  • Installing private sidewalks on your property
  • Replacing a front door or garage door
  • Patios: cement, rock, brick

Village Ordinances and State Statutes require building permits. If you do not get a building permit prior to starting work, the Village can double the fees, stop work, and fine you for every day the work is not in compliance. The permits and follow-up inspections help protect you by ensuring that the work is up to code and safe. Please allow time for your permit to be issued by submitting your completed application and proper paperwork/plans a week prior to the anticipated start of your project.

During construction of your project, on-site inspections will be conducted to check that approved materials are used and the work meets code requirements. Any work or materials that are not up to code will need to be corrected and re-inspected. Inspections guard the safety of the occupants and the investment in your property.

If you are unsure of whether your project requires a building permit, please call the Community Development Department at (608)838-3154 or stop by our office located in the Municipal Center, Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Please allow appropriate time for processing of your building permit.

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