Fun and Fitness Water Exercise

FUN and FITNESS is a water exercise program held at the McFarland High School pool. It is offered on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. Times vary depending on when the pool is available. A list of times is available on their website at

The FUN part of the program consists of 30 minutes of water walking/jogging, swimming laps or freestyle activities.

During the second 30 minutes (FITNESS) we are led in exercises in the shallow end of the pool. Much of the exercise emphasizes balance, building upper body and core strength.

The cost is $25 per 6 months for residents and $50 per 6 months for non-residents. For more information see their website or call Stu Schaefer, Pool Director at 838-8168 to register. Registration is required.

The group has a lot of Fun and the Fitness part is a bonus!

5915 Milwaukee St. | P.O. Box 110 | McFarland, WI 53558-0110 | ph: 608-838-3153 | fx: 608-838-3619