Emergency Access to Your Home Made Easier

Are you concerned with how the Fire/EMS would gain access to your home in an emergency if you live alone? Large apartment complexes have a master key if needed. But single family homes do not. A Knox Homebox may be the answer. McFarland Senior Outreach, along with the McFarland Fire/EMS department have had a few loaners in circulation for years. It has come in handy in many situations in that time. If you are interested in purchasing one for your own home the costs range from $160–$175. There are several models available. Each box holds one key to your home accessible by the emergency personnel only. If you want further information on this product or how it is used please contact us at Senior Outreach Services. For those who can benefit from this but are unable to afford it please contact us and we can see about financial assistance to obtain one. Please call us at 838-7117.

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