Senior Meal Site Future

Many of you have been following the articles regarding our McFarland Meal Site. We were faced with a large reduction in our Dane County nutrition contract for 2018. Fortunately the Village of McFarland Board agreed to replace those funds (approximately $7,000) for the next budget year. Senior Outreach wishes to applaud the Board for seeing the value in continuing this program. As many of you know the reason for the reduction in monies is due to under-utilization of the program. We will continue to offer the meal site Monday, Wednesday & Fridays at the municipal center in 2018. However, our work is not done despite the “reprieve” we have gotten. As a village we need to continue to prioritize senior needs. But most importantly we also need to utilize the programs that are available. As the aging population continues to grow these dollars will get stretched further throughout Dane County. If we do not show support of available resources it will become harder to hang on to them. In addition we need to keep our eye to the future and look at possible alternatives. If you have comments or suggestions please contact Senior Outreach 838-7117.
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