Annual Budget

The 2022 Budget has been transmitted to the Village Board for review. You can view the 2022 Budget document (PDF) in its entirety on how money is collected and expended. While this document is quite large, there are some interactive ways people can use to review it.


These were created for all of the support documents and each of the summaries, revenues, and expenses within each fund. Within the left margin, if you choose the bookmark tab you will see the outline of choices where clicking on one of the links will take you right to that page.

Table of Contents

Within this page, if you hover over one of the lines there is a link that if you click on it you can go right to that page for review.

Capital Improvement Plan

Also included is a link to the 2023 to 2027 Capital Improvement Plan (PDF). This plan shows planned capital expenditures for the next five years as projected by Department. The debt service needs are also forecasted as well as the project impact on the tax rate during that time period. This document was accepted by the Village Board at its meeting on August 23, 2022.