Licenses & Permits

The Administration Department issues the following types of licenses and permits in compliance with, and as required by, Wisconsin Statutes and/or the Village of McFarland Code of Ordinances.

  1. Alcohol Beverage Licenses for Operators
  2. Alcohol Beverage Licenses for Establishments
  3. Burning Permits
  4. Cigarette & Tobacco Products Licenses
  5. Direct Seller Permits
  6. Event Permits
  7. Excavation Permits
  8. Mobile Food Establishments
  9. Neighborhood Event (Block Party) Permits
  10. Pet Licenses
  11. Solicitor Permits
  12. Street Privilege Permits
  13. Temporary Alcohol Licenses
  14. Tourist Rooming House Permits

Alcohol Beverage Licenses for Operators are required in order for any person employed by a licensed establishment to work on the premises without the immediate supervision of the licensee, permittee, agent or a person holding an operator's license.