McFarland Cable Channel (WMCF)

WMCFWMCF, the McFarland cable channel, is a public, education, or government (PEG) channel that is owned by the Village and operated by the Communications and Technology Department. The channel is focused on McFarland and may feature:

  • Original content created by the Comm. and Tech. Department
  • Coverage of local events
  • Public domain movies
  • Community submissions
  • Local governmental meetings
  • Sporting, musical performances, or other content from the McFarland School District


WMCF is available on Spectrum's cable television service on channel 982. The channel is available in standard-definition and 4:3 aspect ratio.


WMCF is also available on cable television from TDS on channel 1009. The channel is available in high-definition and 16:9 aspect ratio. 


For those who do not have cable television service, WMCF is also available online at the McFarland Cable Channel website. The website features on-demand viewing of government meetings, a live stream of the channel, and a full broadcast schedule.

McFarland Cable YouTube Channel

With increased demand for high-definition content and the limitations of traditional cable television service, the McFarland Cable YouTube channel was created to provide easy access to content in the full quality in which it was created.

The channel features live streams from on-location, high-definition content, and the convivence of viewing at any time on-demand.