Comprehensive Plan

In August 2017, the Village adopted a full update to its Comprehensive Plan. The Comprehensive Plan is a guide for the development, revitalization, and preservation of the McFarland area over the next 10 to 20 years. It covers a variety of topics, including land use, transportation, natural resources, housing, and economic development. The updated Plan is in two volumes: Volume 1: Conditions and Issues, and Volume 2: Vision and Directions.

If you have questions or comments on the Village's plans, or would like higher-resolution versions of any of these materials, please contact the Community Development Clerk by phone at 608-838-3154 or email Community Development.

Comprehensive Plan Summary Materials

The Comprehensive Plan can be difficult to get your arms around. The following documents are summaries:

Full Comprehensive Plan Volumes

Other Documentation

The Comprehensive Plan was completed after a 1.5-year process involving a community survey, several stakeholder meetings in 2016, nine working meetings of the Plan Commission, and an open house and a public hearing in summer 2017. The individual results of each can be found in the following documents: