Community Development Plans

  1. Comprehensive Plan
  2. Downtown Strategic Market Analysis Opportunities Assessment
  3. East Basin Utility Service Study
  4. East Side Neighborhood Growth Area Plan
  5. Facilities Master Plan
  6. Highway 51 Corridor Concept Plan
  7. Hotel Feasibility Study
  8. Outdoor Recreation & Open Space Plan
  9. Park Master Plans & Studies
  10. Redevelopment District Number 1 (TID Number 3)
  11. Redevelopment District Number 2 (TID Number 4)
  12. Sustainability Plan
  13. Tax Increment Finance District Number 3
  14. Tax Increment Finance District Number 4
  15. Tax Increment Finance District Number 5
  16. Terminal & Triangle District Plan
  17. Village Center Master Plan
  18. V. McFarland & T. Dunn Agreement

In August 2017, the Village adopted a full update to its Comprehensive Plan. The Comprehensive Plan is a guide for the development, revitalization, and preservation of the McFarland area over the next 10 to 20 years. It covers a variety of topics, including land use, transportation, natural resources, housing, and economic development.

View the Comprehensive Plan.