Market Data


The current population estimate for the Village is 8,700. Over the past 20 years the Village has averaged 1.9% annual growth in population.

Key Demographic Figures

DemographicVillage of McFarland Figure
2010 Census Population7,808
2020 Wisconsin Department of Administration Population Estimate8,952
2040 Village Population Estimate12,847
Median Age (2017)43.6
Total Housing Units (2017)3,398
Median Household Income (2017)$79,152
Median Family Income (2017)$99,509
Median Home Value (2017)$242,600
Village Labor Force (2017)4,925
Dane County Labor Force (2019)319,006
Dane County Unemployment Rate (2019)2.3%


McFarland is conveniently located along USH 51 (18,700-34,600 AADT) and Interstate 90 (54,500 AADT). McFarland is served by the Wisconsin and Southern rail line. The Lower Yahara River Trail connects the Village to the City of Madison's network of off-road bicycle trails.

Distance from McFarland to Popular Destinations

DestinationMiles from McFarlandTravel Time from McFarland
Downtown Madison9 Miles17 Minutes
University of Wisconsin-Madison9 Miles17 Minutes
Madison Technical College9 Miles17 Minutes
Dane County Regional Airport11 Miles18 Minutes
Milwaukee, Wisconsin80 Miles75 Minutes
Chicago, Illinois140 Miles2.5 Hours
Green Bay, Wisconsin140 Miles2.25 Hours
Minneapolis, Minnesota275 Miles4 Hours


The current property tax rate in the Village is $19.45 per $1,000. The sales tax in McFarland is 5.5%.

Market Profile

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