Join the Department

McFarland Fire and Rescue is a leading provider of fire and emergency medical services responding to over 1,000 emergencies a year with a highly dedicated paid-on-call staff of approximately 65 members, as well as a dedicated full-time staff of five Advanced Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs), one Fire Inspector/Public Education Specialist, one administrative captain, and one Fire/Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Chief.

We are currently seeking Advanced EMTs or EMTs willing to become Advanced EMTs. 

Apply to Become a Paid-on-Call Member

If you are interested in becoming a paid-on-call member of the Fire and Rescue Department, please do one of the following:

Benefits of Joining

  • Being an EMT or Firefighter is one of the most rewarding activities that an individual can do.
  • You will be helping your community save tax dollars.
  • Experience is not necessary and all of the training is provided free of charge to members of our department.
  • You will create lifelong friendships
  • While we are often referred to as volunteers, you will earn a wage will working as an EMT or Firefighter.

Required Training

EMT members are required to obtain EMT-B within their first year of being with the Department and highly encouraged to obtain Advanced EMT and driver training by the end of their second year with the Department.

Firefighter members are required to obtain State of Wisconsin Firefighter I within their first year of being with the Department and highly encouraged to obtain Firefighter II and Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) by the end of their second year with the Department.

Time Commitment

All members are required to attend 50% of the Department training for their discipline. The trainings are typically held on Monday nights and we do offer daytime training for members who can provide day assistance. For most members, they assume two to four Mondays a month are spent attending training.

In general terms, the required classes will be at least one semester two nights a week for EMTs or one night a week for two semesters for firefighters. The preferred education, in general, is attending classes for approximately two years.

EMTs are required to provide the department with 36 hours of call-time a month and firefighters are required at 15% of all fire incidents. This usually averages to a minimum of 1 to 2 calls a week.

Job Requirements

  • Maintain training requirements
  • Attend calls or on-call time as indicated in the previous "Time Commitment" section
  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Be capable of lifting 50 pounds
  • Firefighters must be able to perform essential tasks for firefighters, such as:
    • Climb ladders
    • Crawl
    • Drag hose or victims
    • Operate firefighting equipment

Hiring Process

The hiring process goes as follows:

  1. Once an application is received, the individual is placed on the schedule for the next round of quarterly interviews.
  2. The applicants are interviewed by a panel of members.
  3. Successful panel interview applicants are invited to an interview with the Fire and Rescue Chief.
  4. Successful Chief interview applicants go through a pre-employment screening that includes a background investigation and physical and drug screening.

The process does take time to complete; however, it is very necessary to maintain the level of service we are very proud to provide our district. Depending on the timing of the application it could take two to six months to complete.