Aquatics Feasibility Study

The Village of McFarland has been working on an Aquatics Feasibility Study and desires to discuss this work with the Community in order to engage in a discussion regarding these types of improvements. This is a feasibility study, this is not a master planning session or design process. This feasibility study is simply a way to better understand what opportunities may or may not exist within this Community for aquatics at a very high level.

Open House

An Open House generally regarding aquatics in the Village was held on Thursday, February 21st, 2019 at 6 pm in the Community Room of the McFarland Municipal Center, where consultants from Ayres Associates, Iconica Creates, and Carrico Aquatics as well as Village Staff and members of the public discussed the feasibility of aquatics development within the Village. This meeting looked at types of development, possible locations, costs, and other concerns related to these types of amenities. The Village is hopeful that as a result of this Open House and the input received, we will bring forward the draft study to the Parks, Recreation, and Natural Resources Committee for their meeting in March for consideration.

A recording of the open house can be found on the Village's YouTube page.

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