Sailboat Slips

The pier at McDaniel, while open to the public during regular park hours, may have space rented for lifts or hoists on which sailboats may be stored. Interested parties should review the conditions and guidelines and submit a completed Pier Boat Slip Agreement (PDF) to:

Public Works Department
P.O. Box 110
McFarland, WI 53558

Applications may be completed and paid for online as well. Please utilize the online agreement to complete your application and payment.

Once a permit has been issued, the recipient is required to coordinate the location and placement of hoists with Village staff and the Waubesa Sailing Club.

Storage is only available while the pier is installed in the water and usually runs from April/May into the fall, contingent on weather conditions.

Learn more about the Waubesa Sailing Club in their latest article from secretary, Laurie Boehlke.


  • Sailboats only are permitted to be on lifts or hoists at the pier after paying for and obtaining an annual permit from the Village of McFarland.
  • Maximum length of sailboat on a hoist is 23 feet.
  • Maximum draft is 24 inches (keel up).
  • Hoists should be placed under the supervision of the Village and the Waubesa Sailing Club. Call 608-658-2575 for more information.
  • Lifts cannot be placed in the water before the pier is installed each year.
  • Lifts must be removed within 14 days of the date of the removal of the pier.
  • Hoists may be stored at the park in the designated area during the off season.
  • No boats or trailers are permitted to be stored at the park.
  • Boats should be properly secured on lifts when not in use.
  • Owner's name and contact information should be displayed on lift.
  • No rigging, sails, sailing paraphernalia, personal items, trash, etc. should be left on pier.
  • Always demonstrate courtesy to other sailors, fishermen and pedestrians on the pier.
  • Notify the Village Public Works Department and the McFarland Police immediately of any vandalism and damage to a boat or pier. Also notify Police of any individuals demonstrating inappropriate behavior on the pier or in the park.