Special Needs Awareness Program

Special Needs Awareness ProgramAs part of our desire to provide the very best police services to our residents, the McFarland Police Department is seeking to enhance its base of knowledge and awareness of the special needs children and adults in our community.

Program Information

As a Police Department, we regularly have contact with children and adults who have a variety of special needs. While in many instances we are aware of the individual needs of a particular person with whom we are in contact and how to best help them during a stressful event, at other times we are not familiar with an individual and this can cause difficulty in determining how to best help them.

The goal of this program is to coordinate with family members in gaining the valuable knowledge that will help prepare us to assist an individual in need. We encourage the parents and caretakers of special needs children and adults to participate in the program.


To find out more about, or participate in, the program, click on the links below. If you are interested in participating, fill it out the Emergency Profile Information Sheet and mail, drop off, or email to Officer Joel Zietsma.