McFarland Area Outreach Endowment

McFarland Area Outreach Endowment is a 501(c)(3). A board of four officers governs it and the Director of Senior Outreach is an advisor. The Endowment has three main purposes:

  • They provide individual grants to seniors on an anonymous basis through the Senior Outreach Department. A general example are things that fall out of the scope of available programs such as unpaid medical expenses, utilities, unexpected expenses and medications.
  • The other use is to support programs made available through the Senior Outreach Department by proposal and request. A recent example was paying for workbooks for an evidenced based program on chronic health management.
  • The third use is to hold funds for a capital project fund. This is for future expenses by the senior outreach department including specialized equipment or development of a senior space.

Donations can be made anytime throughout the year. In addition, we do a letter fundraiser once a year. For more information, please contact Lori Andersen, Director of McFarland Senior Outreach, by phone at 608-838-2395 or email Lori Anderson.