COVID-19: Phase 2 Update from the Director

Dear Seniors,

Now that we have entered Phase 2 we will begin reversing some of the changes made related to COVID-19.


Beginning July 6th, our Nutrition program will go back to meal delivery 5 days a week Monday through Friday, rather than the 3 days a week that we have been operating under. The complete menu is available to you, except for salads at this time. We are still only able to order on the Friday prior to the next week, so we continue to request that participants receive all 5 days rather than pick and choose days.

When we go back to "normal," we are still going to limit changes by asking participants to choose set days in which to receive meals, such as Monday/Wednesday/Friday or a Tuesday/Thursday schedule. Prior to the Pandemic, individual requests for changes based on likes and dislikes became difficult to honor, and it became hard to track. Mistakes were frequently the result.

One of the main exceptions to not being home is being out for a Doctor appointment. We have been asked to reevaluate our participants at this time to see if they meet the criteria for homebound status. When the pandemic occurred, an exception was made to that guideline, but that exception will be lifted. There are resources available for grocery shopping, food pantry and food share if you would like to find out about these in lieu of meals.

Case Management

The building will be reopened for absentee voting. However, you will notice some physical changes in the building to comply with new standards. One of those changes for our department is that our hallway will be locked. We will be seeing clients on an appointment basis only.

If it is urgent and you drop in, please go to the front office to have them call us to check on our availability. Drop-ins may not be able to be handled at that time. We will meet with clients in a conference room rather than our offices. Home visits will continue to be limited; most assessments will be handled over the phone. If paperwork is required, we will have a drop box available or you can leave it in the front office.

All people entering are expected to wear a face mask, use the hand sanitizer placed in the general areas and practice social distancing.

Loan Closet

We are loaning our equipment by request and leaving items outside our area. However, many have been inquiring about returning items. Starting in July we will begin accepting items back alphabetically by last name:

  • July 6 through 10: A through E
  • July 13 through  17: F through L
  • July 20 through  24: M through J
  • July 27 through  31: T through Z

We ask that you leave items inside by the front, by the bulletin board outside our offices. On Fridays we will disinfect items returned that week. We still ask that you clean them with bleach prior to returning. We will mark them returned based on the numbers on the items. If you wish to make a donation, place donation in an envelope labeled Senior Outreach loan closet and put it in the drop box in the outer vestibule.

Other Programs

For all other programs, please check the Village News page for opening plans by phases for each department, including Senior Outreach.

Depending on changes to programs, we plan on only printing an updated insert for August rather than a complete newsletter. Our next full edition would then be September. Meal menus will be updated.


Lori Andersen, Director