Feedback and Citizen Complaints


Any member of the public that wishes to file a complaint may do so by contacting a McFarland Police Department supervisor (Sergeant, Lieutenant, or Chief of Police) at the McFarland Police Department. If a supervisor is not available, the attending officer will advise you as to when a supervisor will be available.

Complaints can also be submitted using the Citizen Complaint Form (PDF) and sending the completed form via email to Lieutenant Jeremy Job.

More information on how citizen complaints are handle can be found in the Citizen Complaint Directive (PDF). The public may review this policy by contacting the Lieutenant during normal business hours. Please note: As required by Sec. 946.66 of the Wisconsin State Statutes: "Whoever knowingly makes a false complaint regarding the conduct of a law enforcement officer is subject to a class A forfeiture".

Satisfaction Survey

The McFarland Police Department values your input and feedback. It is important to us to know what we are doing well, where we need improvement, and what we can do to enhance our service to you. We encourage you to complete the Police Satisfaction Survey (PDF) and email to Lieutenant Jeremy Job.

Thank you for taking the time!