The Lookout E-Newsletter

The Lookout - Your Digital Spin on the Outlook Newsletter

The Lookout is an electronic newsletter distributed via email on Thursday every other week. The electronic format allows for faster distribution compared to traditional, printed media and for information to be more imminent and relevant. Signing up only requires a valid email and a name; unsubscribing may be done using the link at the bottom of any email. Signup for The Lookout via Constant Contact.

The Lookout includes information such as:

  • Village news and announcements
  • Upcoming events and meetings
  • McFarland's Photo of the week
  • Resources and links to direct you to more information

Listed below are recent editions of The Lookout.

June 30, 2022The Lookout | That's some favorable treejectory
June 17, 2022
The Lookout | Song and Dance
June 3, 2022
The Lookout | The Garden Corner