Strategic Plan

2023 to 2024 McFarland Strategic Implementation Plan

This document serves as a link between the Strategic Plan, adopted in early 2020, and the Village's priorities for the coming year.  The document affirms the goals and strategies of the original Strategic Plan and outlines an action plan that can be worked into the next budget cycle planned for the Fall of each year.  The document is changed yearly to encompass past plans and adjust priorities accordingly.

View the 2023 to 2024 McFarland Strategic Implementation Plan (PDF).

2020 to 2030 McFarland Strategic Plan

On March 9, 2020, the Village Board for the Village of McFarland adopted a new Strategic Plan for the community that is meant to serve as a guide for various issues from 2020 through 2030. This plan is presented here, in its entirety, for reference and review. The different key elements of the plan and a summary of each is as follows:

  • McFarland Strategic Plan (PDF): This is the main document that brings the plan together. It details the Village's vision, mission, values, and goals. The goals cover a broad range of topics including, but not limited to, a community center, public facility/infrastructure development, economic development, safety/wellbeing, pedestrian/vehicular corridors, and park development. Each of these goals contains several strategies that can be used to achieve the goals as well as measures to evaluate their success. Development of this plan considers a 10 year outlook regarding its various elements, some of which may happen within a defined time frame or over the duration of the plan.
    • Attachment A - Implementation Action Plan (PDF): This first attachment examines, in more detail, the steps necessary to accomplish the strategies in order to achieve the goals. Implementation steps are provided for each strategy and serve as a guide for moving areas of the plan forward. Furthermore this attachment provides a priority designation, cost, timeline, and oversight assignment within the organization.
    • Attachment B - Workshop Materials (PDF): In the Fall of 2019, the Village hosted two workshops for the public to both participate in and help shape the Strategic Plan. This attachment includes the materials used and presented at those meetings as background to the project overall.
    • Attachment C - Community Survey Results (PDF): A community-wide survey was conducted in July of 2019 to generate input from the public and support later preparation of the plan. The survey results are provided as background and served as reference during the development of the plan.
    • Attachment D - Environmental Scan (PDF): At the first public workshop, an Environment Scan  was presented by Village staff looking at demographic trends, historical financial information, department workloads, and other key data indicators. The attachment is included as background information for the plan.

A final strategic planning workshop was held on Tuesday, March 3, 2020 to go over the plan as well as provide a financial prospective, relating to capital and operating cost, of the plan over its life. View the March 3, 2020 Strategic Planning Workshop Presentation (PDF).

Any comments, questions, or concerns should be directed to the Village Administrator.