Stephanie Brassington

Background Information

How Long Have You Been a Resident of McFarland?

Our Family moved here in 1969.

How Many Years Have You Held Elected Office in the Village of McFarland?

This is my fourth term. I started serving on the board in 2015.

Why Did You Decide to Become an Elected Official?

McFarland is our home. It's important to stay connected to what the community needs and work towards those goals. As a grandmother of special needs children I want to make sure that our community addresses the needs of all our citizens.

Can You Describe Your Work History?

I am the manager of Generations Title Company.

Can You Describe Your Educational History?

Graduated from McFarland High School in 1983.

What Are Some of Your Favorite Activities or Events in McFarland?

I really enjoy our farmers market, parades, chicken B.B.Q., Family Festival and my Grand Children love the parks!

What Do You Enjoy Doing in Your Free Time?

Spending time with my family and friends.

Term expires: April 2025

  1. Stephanie Brassington

    Stephanie Brassington