Committee Orientation

Thank you for taking the time to serve on a committee, commission, authority, or board for the Village of McFarland. In this section you will find information in both video and document form that will help guide you during your time.

  1. Ethics
  2. Meeting Packets
  3. Open Meetings Law
  4. Public Records
  5. Reference Links
  6. Tablet Usage
  7. Voting

As a local governing body member, you are prohibited from using your position to obtain private benefit for yourself. Any time a topic arises that you would have private benefit, you should abstain from the discussion and remove yourself from the table. If topics arise and you believe there may be a potential conflict of interest, please feel free to contact the Village Clerk/Treasurer or Village Administrator at 608-838-3153 to discuss the matter further.

More information can be found in the University of Wisconsin Extension FAQ (PDF), and/or the Village's Ethics Code.