Code Amendments

2021 Amendments

2020 Amendments

Below are the documents to Code Amendments approved in 2020.

  1. 2020-01 Rezoning Lands Recently Annexed and Subject to Dane County Zoning to Classifications in the Village of McFarland Zoning Code (PDF)
  2. 2020-03 To Revise the Appeals Procedures in the Sanitary Sewer System (PDF)
  3. 2020-04 Amending the McFarland Municipal Code to Establish a Fee for Building Permit Applications for Balconies Decks and Porches (PDF)
  4. 2020-05 Prohibiting Unlicensed Massage Therapy (PDF)
  5. 2020-06 Amending the Provisions for Excavation and Street Privilege Permits (PDF)
  6. 2020-07 To Amend Appendix A of the Village Code of Ordinances Concerning the Fees and Bond Amount for Excavation Permits (PDF)
  7. 2020-08 To Amend the Municipal Code Concerning Park Impact Fees Parkland Dedication and Fees in Lieu of Parkland Dedication (PDF)
  8. 2020-09 Annexing Lands from the Town of Dunn to the Village of McFarland (PDF)
  9. 2020-10 Amending the License Fees for Direct Sellers (PDF)
  10. 2020-12 Amending the Procedure for the Issuance of Operators Licenses (PDF)
  11. 2020-13 Amending the McFarland Municipal Code Regarding Driveways (PDF)
  12. 2020-14 Amending the McFarland Municipal Code Regarding Property Maintenance and Weed Abatement (PDF)
  13. 2020-15 Annexing Lands from the Town of Dunn to the Village of McFarland (PDF)
  14. 2020-16 To Rezone Recently Annexed Lands from A-1 Agriculture Transition to PDD-GP General Plan and PDD-DP Detailed Plan Approved (PDF)
  15. 2020-17 To Rezone Lands on Farwell Street from the C-H Commercial Highway District to the C-G Commercial General District (PDF)
  16. 2020-19 Authorizing a Partial Refund for Class B and Class B License Fees (PDF)
  17. 2020-20 Amending the Standards for the Outdoor Consumption of Alcohol (PDF)
  18. 2020-21 Setting the Fees for Class B and Class B Alcohol Beverage Licenses for the 2020-2021 License Period (PDF)
  19. 2020-23 Approving the Budgets and Appropriating Funds for the Year 2021 Budget and Establishing the 2020 Payable in 20201 Property Tax Levy (PDF)
  20. 2020-24: Creating Section 47-246 of the McFarland Municipal Code (PDF)
  21. 2020-25: To Amend Resolution 2020-19 Regarding the Membership on the Diversity Equity and Inclusion Subcommittee (PDF)