Resolutions & Proclamations

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  2. Proclamations

Below are the approved resolutions from 2021.

  1. 2021-01: To Rescind Personal Property Taxes on Account No. 49-10950 Because of a Clerical Error (PDF)
  2. 2021-02: Approving the Release of Development Agreement Obligations for the Woodland Commons Plat (PDF)
  3. 2021-03: Ratifying and Approving an Agreement for the Sale of Property Located at 4900 Larson Beach Road (PDF)
  4. 2021-04 Authorizing Entry into Intergovernmental Agreement Related to the WISC and Authorizing Participation in the Investment Programs (PDF)
  5. 2021-05 Levying Deferred Special Assessments Under Municipal Police Power for Construction of an Eastside Sanitary Sewer Interceptor (PDF)
  6. 2021-06 Awarding the Sale of $14,000,000 General Obligation Public Safety Center Bonds (PDF)
  7. 2021-07 Authorizing the Issuance and Awarding the Sale of $3,215,000 General Obligation Promissory Notes (PDF)
  8. 2021-08 Authorizing the Police Department to Enter into an Agreement to Obtain Records from the Dane County Jail (PDF)
  9. 2021-09 Acknowledging World Migratory Bird Day (PDF)
  10. 2021-10 Resolution to Discontinue Portion of Johnson Street (PDF)
  11. 2021-11 Commendation for Brad Czebotar for his Service to the Village (PDF)
  12. 2021-12 Dedicating Land Adjacent to 5411 Bashford Street for Public Highway Purposes (PDF)
  13. 2021-13 Approving the Renewal of Applications for Liquor and Fermented Malt Beverage Licenses for 2021-2022 (PDF)
  14. 2021-14 Authorizing the Village President and Clerk to Execute a Real Estate Acquisition and Development Agreement with 5411 Bashford, LLC. (PDF)
  15. 2021-15 Accepting Dedication of Land for Expansion of the Public Right-of-Way of Johnson Street (PDF)
  16. 2021-16 Approvging a Declaration of Easements on Property Located at 5411 Bashford Street (PDF)
  17. 2021-17 Authorizing Submittal of the Compliance Maintenance Annual Report for 2020 (PDF)
  18. 2021-18 Regarding the 2021-2023 State of Wisconsin Biennium Budget Proposed by the State Legislature (PDF)
  19. 2021-19 Authorizing the Village President and Clerk to Execute a Real Estate Acquisition and Development Agreement with 4313, LLC. (PDF)
  20. 2021-20 Requesting Exemption from County Library Tax (PDF)
  21. 2021-21 Authorizing Borrowing of not to exceed $3,000,000 and Providing for Issuance and Sale of G.O. Public Safety Center Bonds (PDF)
  22. 2021-22 Authorizing Application for the Urban Forestry Grant and Urban Forestry Catastrophic Storm Grant Programs (PDF)
  23. 2021-24 To Adopt Ward Plan Following the 2020 Census and to Combine Municipal Wards for Voting Purposes (PDF)