Resolutions & Proclamations

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Below are the approved resolutions from 2022.

  1. 2022-01 To Rescind Real Estate Taxes on Parcel 0610-022-7861-1 and 0610-031-6334-5 Due to Palpable Errors (PDF)
  2. 2022-02 Auth. Administrator to Execute Release Documents Confirming Satisfaction of Alliance Development TIF Devel. Agreement Obligations (PDF)
  3. 2022-03 To Rescind Personal Property Taxes on Account #49-20399 Because of a Clerical Error (PDF)
  4. 2022-04 Extension of a Line of Credit for Madison Curling Club and Confirming the Village's Guaranty of the Corresponding Debt (PDF)
  5. 2022-05 Authorizing the Issuance and Awarding the Sale of $3,365,000 General Obligation Promissory Notes(PDF)
  6. 2022-06 Awarding the Sale of $7,200,000 General Obligation Public Safety Center Bonds(PDF)
  7. 2022-07 Commendation for Michael Klementz for His Service to the Village (PDF)
  8. 2022-08 To Create an Affordable Housing Fund and Commit Funds to Support Affordable Housing Projects (PDF)
  9. 2022-10 Providing for the Issuance and Sale of $3,650,000 Water and Sewer System Revenue Bonds(PDF)
  10. 2022-11 Plan Commission Resolution Approving Detailed Plan of Development for Lot 1 of CSM 15246(PDF)
  11. 2022-12 Acknowledging World Migratory Bird Day (PDF)
  12. 2022-13 Plan Commission Resolution Approving and Recommending Amendment to the Village of McFarland Comprehensive Plan(PDF)
  13. 2022-14 Approving the Renewal of Applications for Liquor and Fermented Malt Beverage Licenses for 2022-2023(PDF)
  14. 2022-15 Authorizing Submittal of the Compliance Maintenance Annual Report for 2021(PDF)
  15. 2022-16 Joining the Wisconsin Local Government Climate Coalition (WLGCC)(PDF)
  16. 2022-17 Authorizing Restatement of Qualified Retirement Plan(PDF)
  17. 2022-18 Ratifying and Approving a Purchase Agreement for Property Located at or Around 3454 Siggelkow Road (Parcel 0710-654-8341-1)(PDF)
  18. 2022-19 To Adopt the Village of McFarland Annex to the Dane County Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan(PDF)
  19. 2022-20 Recognizing Juneteenth in the Village of McFarland(PDF)
  20. 2022-21 Ratifying and Approving a Purchase Agreement for Property Located at or Around 4901 Termina Drive (0710-342-7356-9)(PDF)
  21. 2022-22 Adopting the Dane County Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan 2022 Update(PDF)
  22. 2022-23 Requesting Exemption from Dane County Library Tax(PDF)
  23. 2022-24 In Recognition of Curt Witynski and Gail Sumi(PDF)
  24. 2022-25 Declaration of Official Intent to Reimburse Expenditures for Clean Water Fund Program (CWFP) Project(PDF)
  25. 2022-26 Authorizing Representative to File Application for Financial Assistance from State of Wisconsin Environmental Improvement Fund(PDF)
  26. 2022-27 Authorizing Application for the Urban Forestry Grant and Urban Forestry Catastrophic Storm Grant Programs(PDF)
  27. 2022-27 PC Rosewood Fields PDD-DP by Veridian Homes Amending the Street Yard Setback for Corner Lots in District III from 15 Ft to 10 Ft(PDF)
  28. 2022-28 Ratifying a Purchase Agreement with 5802 Main, LLC(PDF)
  29. 2022-30 Commendation for James Hessling for his Service to the Village(PDF)
  30. 2022-31 Plan Comm Res to Amend the PDI-DP Planned Development Infill District Detailed Plan for Atwater Phase II, 4719 Farwell Street(PDF)