Salt Saver Pilot Project

The Village of McFarland Utilities, in partnership with Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District (MMSD), now has their pilot program active for Village of McFarland residents. This pilot program hopes to improve water softener efficiency, with an end goal of reducing chloride to the sewer system. In this project, the district and the McFarland Utilities are testing out a project structure in which residents can get discounted improvements made to their water softener by trained service providers. These discounts are reimbursed by MMSD in the form of rebates issued by the Village of McFarland.


  1. You have an existing water softener in your home.
  2. You live in the Village of McFarland. Residents of the Town of Dunn with a McFarland address may be eligible for a separate program through the Town.
  3. You are connected to the Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District
  4. You have a trained provider service your softener and the provider submits a report document the service to the Village.

How it Works

To begin gather information on your existing water softener such as its condition, age, and brand. It is okay if you cannot find this information; although, general information about your can help your service provider make a determination about its condition. You can also complete the MMSD Home Softener Evaluation to get an idea if your softener would qualify.

Call a trained service provider on the MMSD Salt Saver Program's list of trained service providers and request a service on your softener. If you would prefer not have have an in-person visit due to COVID-19, you may be able to have your softener evaluated remotely using photos or a video call. The service providers list indicates if they are providing remote evaluations.

The service provider will make recommendations for you to improve your softener so that it uses less salt. If possible, the provider will optimize your softener to run more efficiently. If your softener is too inefficient, and determined to be a "clunker," the provider will recommend replacement with a new, efficient unit. After the service has been performed, the Village of McFarland will receive a report from the provider documenting the service.

If the report is complete and meets eligibility requirements, you will receive a rebate depending on the type of service:

  • $75 off an evaluation and optional optimization
  • If your unit is identified as a "clunker," $200 off the installation of a new, efficient softener (at least 4,000 grains per pound) or other water conditioning unit.

For questions regarding this pilot program, please contact the Public Works Department.