Capital Projects

What is a Capital Project?

A capital project is a project that helps maintain or improve a Village asset, often referred to as infrastructure. Each year the Village identifies and allocates funds towards capital projects to help maintain our roads, replace utility mains, purchase vehicles that provide service, improve facilities, and plan for our future. The main revenue source for this budget remains borrowed money as it pays for a majority of these expenses that are long term capital improvements. These are meant to be one-time expenses and borrowed money nor are its expenses used to pay for ongoing operating needs. The 5 year Capital Improvement Plan helps plan out and prepare for projects from year to year. While the budget is the adoption vehicle that puts the projects into motion when they reach their program year. Read more about the Capital Improvement Plan and Annual Budget. Utilize the hyperlinked table of contents to navigate to various pages within the document.

Learn about ongoing and upcoming capital projects within the Village. Projects include: