Parks Master Planning - Community Park

The Village has acquired property on the far east side to develop in the future as a Community Park. Presently, the land has no improvements on site and this master planning process is meant to serve as a guide for how the park gets developed based on the various amenities that are desired from the community. It is a unique opportunity for all to participate and help shape the development of this site for years to come. Residents are welcome to watch the online forum to learn more about the project. The Parks, Recreation, and Natural Resources Committee is working with Parkitecture on the preparation of the plan as they consider various aspects of the site.

For additional information, please view the Park Planning Proposal (PDF) provided by Parkitecture.

Village Plan Reference: 2019-2023 Outdoor Recreation and Open Space Plan (PDF).

Village meetings relating to this topic:

  • Parks, Recreation & Natural Resources Committee - May 27, 2021
  • Parks, Recreation & Natural Resources Committee - April 22, 2021
  • Parks, Recreation & Natural Resources Committee - January 28, 2021