Public Safety Center

Public Safety Center Architectural Site Plan

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  1. Executive Summary
  2. Current Progress
  3. Cost Projections
  4. Property Tax Implications
  5. Village Plan Reference & Project Background

Construction of the new Public Safety Center is now underway at the southeast corner of Holscher Road and Broadhead Street. This facility will house the Fire & Rescue, Municipal Court, and Police Departments within a shared use facility. Relocating them from their current location at the McFarland Municipal Center will alleviate current space constraints and allow for better growth of each service. Bray Architects was contracted within 2020 to prepare the plan, design, and bid for the project in 2021. The Huffman Facility Group was contracted with to serve as owner's representative of the project. The Village Administrator has overseen the general facility development of the phases along with leadership from each of the representative departments the facility will house. The Village Board has previously reviewed the project design authorizing the project for bidding in June of 2020 and awarding contract for the project in August of 2020.  The General Contractor for the project will JP Cullen of Janesville, WI.  The facility itself is estimated at 58,000 square feet and will be a net-zero energy facility using geothermal heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) and solar panels. This means the facility will produce more energy than it consumes. This webpage is meant to provide an overview of the history of the project as well as its current progression.

Past Meetings

The Village Board has conducted the following reviews for this project, including two public information meetings (PIM). The listed items occur from most recent to least recent.