Education & Outreach

  1. Health & Wellness Classes
  2. Dementia Friendly Initiative
  3. File of Life
  4. Medication Lock Boxes
  5. Walk the Parks Challenge

Health and Wellness Classes

Wisconsin Institute for Healthy Aging LogoWIHA infographic

McFarland Senior Outreach periodically offers educational courses from the Wisconsin Institute for Healthy Aging. McFarland Senior Outreach staff members are certified instructors for courses on health and wellness topics specific to older adults. WIHA courses are scientifically-proven, self-management educational programs that can bring the power of better self-care to older adults resulting in fewer trips to the emergency room department or hospitalizations, fewer falls, better caregiving, and measurable reductions in the progress of illnesses. If you are interested in one of these classes, reach out to McFarland Senior Outreach at 608-838-7117 to inquire about availability and scheduling.