Adopt-A-Storm Drain

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Storm drains play an important role in flood prevention and protection of our lakes, rivers, and streams. They help move storm-water runoff from roofs, driveways, streets and other hard surfaces to underground pipes or storm sewers that eventually make their way to our lakes, rivers, and streams. Unfortunately, that runoff also carries pollutants, trash, leaves and other debris with it to our waters. Keeping storm drains and the area around them lean can help protect our waters!

The Village of McFarland is one of five communities partnering with Dane County on a new Adopt-A-Storm Drain program and we’re looking for  volunteers.  

Here’s how it works.

  1. Adopt a nearby storm drain using the Dane County Adopt-A-Storm Drain App.
  2. Commit to safely cleaning the area on and around the adopted storm drain at least once a month, but preferably before every large rain event.
  3. Report the amount and type of debris after each cleaning using the Adopt- A-Storm Drain App.
  4. Report any spills/discharges washing down the storm drain.
  5. Agree to share feedback that will be used to improve the program and expand it to other Dane County

For more information and instructions on how to choose a storm drain to adopt visit the Ripple Effects website. 

All Adopt-A-Storm Drain volunteers will receive a cleaning kit that includes: a safety vest, storm drain decal to place on their adopted storm drain, dust pan and broom, collection bucket and an Adopt a Storm Drain sticker/window cling to proudly display. Volunteers will also be included on our Adopt-A-Storm Drain e-newsletter, which comes out 3 to 4 times per year.

Storm Drain Before and After Cleaning Picture

Before and after photos of an adopted storm drain.

If you have any questions email Katie Gletty-Syoen, Volunteer Program Coordinator or call 608-838-2394.