Fire & Rescue Department


6001 Broadhead Street
McFarland, WI 53558

P.O. Box 110
McFarland, WI 53558




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Non-Emergency Dispatch
 Phone: 608-255-2345
Office Hours

Monday through Friday

8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Dennis, Chris Fire & Rescue Chief 608-838-3278  
Markham, Beth Administrative Assistant 608-838-3278  
Reiter, Tom Assistant Chief 608-838-3278  
Clementi, Jr., John Division Chief 608-838-3278  
Molenaar, Brian Division Chief (EMT/FF) 608-838-3278  
Reiter, James Captain (AEMT/FF) 608-838-3278  
Allain, Scott Fire Inspector 608-838-3278  
Brown, Amie EMT/Firefighter 608-838-3278  
Grenawalt, Justin Firefighter/Paramedic 608-838-3278  
Boyd, Jared Firefighter/Paramedic 608-838-3278  
Conroy, Ginger Firefighter/Paramedic 608-838-3278  
King, Adam FF/Paramedic 608-838-3278  

Platoon A 

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Francis, Kyle Lieutenant (EMT/FF) 608-838-3278  
Singletary, Andrea Emergency Medical Technician   608-838-3278  
Urben, Michael Emergency Medical Technician / Firefighter   608-838-3278  
Moddes, Brandon Firefighter   608-838-3278  
Mikol, Alissa EMT/FF   608-838-3278  
Kindschi, Rachel EMT   608-838-3278  
Fitzgerald , Jared Firefighter   608-838-3278  

Platoon B 

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Draper, Blake Lieutenant (FF) 608-838-3278  
Hettrick, Harlan Active Retired (EMR/FF)   608-838-3278  
Pulvermacher, Emily Emergency Medical Technician   608-838-3278  
Mortenson, Tyler Firefighter   608-838-3278  
Dunday, Kris Emergency Medical Technician   608-838-3278  
Olson, Jessica Emergency Medical Technician   608-838-378  
Burch, Matthew Emergency Medical Technician   608-838-3278  
Franke, Owen Emergency Medical Technician / Firefighter   608-838-3278  

Platoon C 

Platoon D 

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Vind, Paul Lieutenant (EMR/FF) 608-838-3278  
Blazek, Davin Acting Officer (Firefighter)   608-838-3278  
Reiter, Jerry Active Retired / Firefighter   608-838-3278  
Huffman, Markus Firefighter   608-838-3278  
Horne, Nathan Firefighter   608-838-3278  
Schwenker, Ethan Firefighter   608-838-3278  
Gindling, Blake Firefighter   608-838-3278  
Ellis-Rzentkowski, BreAnne Emergency Medical Technician   608-838-3278  

Platoon E 

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Dostalek, Jeff Lieutenant (EMT/FF) 608-838-3278  
Olson, Brian Firefighter   608-838-3278  
Mueller, Pete Firefighter   608-838-3278  
Weber, Kyle Firefighter   608-838-3278  
Schulist, Maddi Emergency Medical Technician   608-838-3278  
Virnig, Chris Paramedic   608-838-3278  

Platoon F 

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Koch, Kyle Lieutenant (EMT/FF) 608-838-3278  
Hacker, Dave Firefighter   608-838-3278  
Spangler, Bryan Active Retired Firefighter   608-838-3278  
Tuma, Nick Emergency Medical Responder / Firefighter   608-838-3278  
Palmer, Jennifer Emergency Medical Technician   608-838-3278  
Goldsmith, Keith Firefighter   608-838-3278  
Larson, Sayer Firefighter   608-838-3278  

Safety Team 

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Tripalin, Joe Active Retired / Health and Safety Officer 608-838-3278  
DeMario, Scott Incident Safety Officer   608-838-3278