How do you ensure the safety of the residents in McFarland?

In a legal sense, the balance between the public’s need to know and the offender’s expectation of privacy can be difficult. Having said that, our department will always defer precedence to the interests of public safety when making notification decisions, and as allowed within the notification guidelines of the Department of Corrections. Our Department keeps close tabs on the offenders listed in our Village, and is comparatively more assertive in our notification strategy than many other communities.

I encourage residents to not only check the sex offender registry on a regular basis, but also to take some time to review the safety tips, recommendations and general offender facts found on the website. The site offers valuable information regarding co-existence with offenders, and many times dispels misinformation about offenders, community notification and community safety.

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1. How many sex offenders live in McFarland?
2. How does the standard sex offender notification process work?
3. How do you alert the community that a sex offender is moving to McFarland?
4. Does the local police department conduct compliance checks? If so, how often?
5. What happens if an offender is not in compliance?
6. How much police times goes into notifying the community an offender is moving to the village and doing compliance checks?
7. How do you ensure the safety of the residents in McFarland?
8. What type of restrictions are in place for the offenders?