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McFarland Dog Park

Subfacility of Urso Park


  1. Dog Park
  2. Restrooms

About the Dog Park

Located in Urso Park and accessible from Elvehjem Road, the McFarland Dog Park was opened in 2009.
Although this park is in Dane County, it is not a part of the Dane County Dog Park system. A separate permit and a municipal dog license is required in order to use this park.

Daily Permits - Available at Park

  1. Complete the Daily Dog Permit Self Registration Form available at the park.
  2. Place the white copy of the permit, along with payment, into the envelope and place into the collection tube.
  3. Keep the yellow carbon copy with you while using the park.

Daily Permit Fees

  • McFarland Resident: $3
  • McFarland Senior (55 and Older): $3
  • Non-Resident: $4
  • Each Additional Dog (Resident): $3
  • Each Additional Dog (Non-Resident): $4

Annual Permits

Annual permits may be purchased at the McFarland Municipal Center at 5915 Milwaukee Street during regular business hours. A valid municipal dog license is required to purchase an annual permit.

Annual Permit Fees

  • McFarland Resident: $15
  • McFarland Senior (55 and Older): $10
  • Non-Resident: $25
  • Each Additional Dog: $6

McFarland Dog Exercise Area Guidelines

  • Users of this facility do so at their own risk. The Village of McFarland is not liable for any damage or injury to humans or pets.
  • Dogs must wear current rabies, dog license, park permit, and owner ID tags. Those purchasing a daily permit must carry a copy of the permit while using the park.
  • Dogs must remain on a leash until inside the gated park area.
  • All waste must be picked up and placed in designated receptacles.
  • Human food, glass containers, and smoking are prohibited.
  • This is a playground for dogs. Children must be supervised closely at all times.
  • Dogs must be under the control of the owner or responsible party.
  • Dogs are not allowed to disturb wildlife or interfere with other park users.
  • Dogs shall not intimidate, attack, or threaten any other person or another pet.
  • Female dogs in heat and sick dogs are not allowed in the park.
  • Dogs under 4 months of age that are not fully vaccinated are not allowed in the park.
  • Aggressive dogs are not welcome. A dog behaving aggressively must be immediately leashed and removed from the area.
  • Bring plenty of water to keep your pet hydrated during play.

Please see the "Guide to Keeping Pets Safe" which was created by There's a bunch of information on how to keep your house and yard in order, precautions to take when you're away, and other helpful tips related to your dog's well-being