What are the different pleas I may enter?

You may enter a plea of Guilty, No Contest, or Not Guilty to the charge against you:

  • If you enter a plea of Guilty, you are admitting that you have committed the violation.
  • If you enter a plea of No Contest, you declare that you are neither guilty nor not guilty; you merely want to get the matter over with and pay the forfeiture. As a result of this plea you will be found guilty by the court, but this finding cannot be used against you as an admission of guilt if you appear in any other court action related to the charge against you.
  • If you enter a plea of Guilty or No Contest, the Judge will find you Guilty of the charge, set the fine/forfeiture, and tell you when it is due. If you cannot pay the fine/forfeiture immediately, you may ask the Judge for more time to pay.
  • If you enter a plea of Not Guilty, you deny committing the violation charged against you. You will meet with the Village Attorney to discuss the case. If an agreement can be reached between you and the Village, the Judge will review the agreement and decide whether or not to approve it. If you cannot reach an agreement you will be given a trial date.

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