How do we find out about events and programs?

We publish a monthly newsletter, available free online. If you wish to subscribe to a hard copy or to have one sent to you via email, please call 608-838-7117. Copies are available in the Village of McFarland municipal building, the Town of Dunn, and Pleasant Springs Town Halls.

We also post events in the Library and Municipal Center, as well as on the:

Feel free to contact us at 608-838-7117 if you have any questions.

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1. Who does McFarland Senior Outreach serve?
2. What is case management and outreach?
3. Does Senior Outreach collaborate with the Village departments on services to seniors?
4. What nutrition services does Senior Outreach offer?
5. Does Senior Outreach provide transportation for shopping?
6. Does Senior Outreach provide rides for medical appointments?
7. Does Senior Outreach have a medical loan closet?
8. What is the Foot Clinic?
9. Does Senior Outreach Services provide volunteer opportunities?
10. How do we find out about events and programs?