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Communications and Technology

  1. DEI Calendar Request Form

    If you, or someone you know, feels as though the subcommittee missed recognizing a holiday or event within the approved calendars,... More…

  1. Website Content Errors

    Report any issues that occur with the content on the Village of McFarland's website.

Community Development Forms

  1. No Mow May Registration 2023

    Registration for No Mow May participants. Completed registrations help Village staff to monitor what properties are participating. The... More…

  1. Project Feedback Form

    Staying Informed and Being Involved There will be multiple opportunities for residents, stakeholders, and members of the public to... More…

Police Department

  1. Chat with the Chiefs Question

    This is an opportunity to submit a question for the Chief's panel discussion.

Senior Outreach Forms

  1. Volunteer Interest Form

    Form for potential volunteers to help determine what volunteer opportunities would best fit their schedule, skills, and interests.

  1. Volunteer Waiver

    Village of McFarland Volunteer Waiver Form